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About us

Did you know that a survey from 2021 found that only 11% of Americans read their Bible daily? Source

1914 Kids was created to implement an easy to use system in reading and understanding the Bible as a family Bible study, individual Bible study, homeschool curriculum or a children's ministry program.

Hi, I'm Jaclyn founder of 1914 Kids. I created 1914 Kids with my own children in mind. They are of various ages, and I want to create something that I could easily open up with little to no preparation. I also knew the importance of reading from the actual Bible since storybook Bibles or apps are never able to replicate the beauty and goodness of God's written word.

Growing up I attended church every Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday night along with revivals and Vacation Bible School. Yet, I never experienced the greatness of God's word until I developed a daily Bible reading habit in adulthood and started studying scripture. I want my children (and yours) to develop those habits early so when their faith waivers they know just where to turn!